Resident Tutors

Three Resident Tutors, who are either academic or administrative staff of the University, are appointed in each Residential College. Tutor and the residents from one to two floor(s) form a small community.

Resident Tutors bond with their residents by optimising the interactions in floor activities, encounters in the RC, and reaching out to residents regularly.

Lee Yick Hoi Lun Mosaic College

Mr Felix Lam

Ms Candice KONG

Ms Carly Peng

S H Ho Wellness College

Mr Zon LAM

Dr Kaela ZHANG

Ms Regina ZENG

Patrick S C Poon Amity College


Dr Angelo LEUNG

Ms Adrianna LEUNG

Ms Sophina CHU

Fung Yiu King Evergreen College

IMG_0442 (1)

Dr Eden CHOW


Ms Deiya BAKAR, Barbie


Mr CHAN Ming Yin, Matt