Regulations of Residential Colleges


Residential life experience constitutes an important part of co-curricular learning. The establishment of Residential Colleges (RC) aims to provide a robust platform to empower and nurture the intellectual interflow, social engagement and global perspectives of our students through community living and learning. On top of their intellectual growth, residents are also able to sharpen their communication skills and self-management skills through residential life experience.

Under the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes, students are expected to observe all the rules and regulations of the University and uphold the image and reputation of the University by behaving in a disciplined and responsible manner. These Regulations, House Rules, and any additional rules stipulated by the Residential College Masters shall automatically apply to all residents at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (the University).

These Regulations aim to strengthen and foster the sense of responsibility and degree of maturity of residents in order to achieve the following objectives:

1.1. To ensure the safety of residents and the security of property and premises;

1.2. To foster and maintain a caring, mutually respectful and inclusive environment for residents with diverse backgrounds through communal living and learning;

1.3. To create an enriching platform and environment which facilitates residents’ learning and whole-person development;

1.4. To promote the social and communal engagement of residents in order to build a solid sense of belonging to the RC and the University;

1.5. To support and enhance the healthy lifestyle and responsible global citizenship of residents and to strengthen their commitment to community service and sustainability.

2.1. Residents must comply with the rules relating to safety and security and avoid any behaviour which may pose any potential safety, health or environmental concern to others or the RC community. The Residential Colleges Unit (RCU) possesses the right to inspect and remove any items that create such concern.

2.2. Residents and their visitors are responsible for the safe keeping of their personal property. Residents should keep their personal belongings in safe places at all times and always lock their room door upon departure to minimize chances of theft. The University shall not bear responsibility for any loss of or damage to any items brought into the RC. Any unattended items may be disposed of at the discretion of the RCU.

2.3. To secure safety, security and a non-disturbing environment for all residents, and to ensure compliance with the Regulations mentioned herein, the SAO staff responsible for the RC management or their delegates, Residential College Masters, Associate Residential College Masters, or Resident Tutors may enter any room in the premises with or without notice at any time.

2.4. Only simple cooking/ flameless cooking is allowed in the floor common rooms. Naked fire and any type of ignition, such as candles and incense burners, are strictly prohibited within all areas of the RC. Unattended cooking is strictly prohibited at all times.

2.5. All incidents, irregularities or facility failures found should be reported to the RCU immediately.

3.1. Residents should be considerate towards others and courteous to all members of the RC community. They must refrain from behaviour or language which may cause disturbance or inconvenience to others or may infringe on the well-being and rights of others.

3.2. Any display containing obscene or intimating messages or images, or creating a feeling of threat, is not allowed.

3.3. Any action or behaviour that may interfere with the privacy, time to study and rest, or normal use of facilities by other users in the RC should be avoided.

3.4. Residents should not occupy or allow any other resident(s) or non-resident(s) to occupy or share any part of their assigned room or the unoccupied bed space of the room.

3.5. Residents should be properly attired at all times in common areas, which include but are not limited to the Communal Hall, Communal Room, Learning Commons, Student Hub, floor common rooms, corridors and lift lobbies.

4.1. The quiet hours last from 11:00pm to 7:00am.

4.2. Quiet hours will be extended to 24 hours a day starting from the first week prior to the examination period in the academic calendar.

4.3. Residents should keep their noise at a reasonable level at all times and should not cause nuisance to neighbours and fellow members.

5.1. The University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking in any form and ignition of cigarettes, cigars or pipes in any form are strictly forbidden in any part of the premises of the RC.

5.2. Possession or use of any illegal and/or dangerous drugs as defined by the government ordinances of the HKSAR is strictly prohibited.

5.3. Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages in any part of the RC without prior approval of Residential College Masters is prohibited.

5.4. Organisers who wish to serve alcoholic drinks during RC activities, whether formal or informal, must provide adequate supervision of the activity to avoid excessive drinking. Prior approval of Residential College Masters must be obtained. Residents under the age of 18 are not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks under any circumstances.

5.5.Gambling in any form and/ or possession of gambling instruments, such as mahjong and/ or mahjong tables, are prohibited in the RC.

6.1. It is the responsibility of residents to keep their rooms clean and tidy. Residents should clean their room regularly, including built-in washroom and shower unit, in order to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy condition of their rooms at all times.

6.2. Residents should keep the common rooms and all parts of the RC clean and tidy at all times, inclusive of the move-out period.

7.1. Birds, fish, insects or other animals are not allowed to be kept at or brought into the RC.

8.1. Residents may invite visitors to visit the RC between 8:00am and 11:00pm.

8.2. All visitors (including non-residents, non-University members and residents of another RC) should register at the security counter at the G/F lobby when they enter and leave the RC. Using another student’s card to enter the RC is strictly prohibited.

8.3. Residents should accompany visitors and be responsible for their behaviour during their visits in the RC. Hosts are held responsible for the behaviour of their visitors.

8.4. Visitors who are not University members must use the visitor card during their visit to the RC and must return the card before leaving the RC.

9.1 Residents should not enter the resident floors or rooms of the opposite gender from 11:00pm to 8:00am of the following day, all days of the week.

10.1. Change of Room

10.1.1. Requests for a change of RC and/ or room are normally not considered. Residents who have a genuine need to change their RC and/ or room during the residential period must consult their Resident Tutor. Such request should be specifically made and approved by the Residential College Master or his/her authorised delegates.

10.2. Move-out

10.2.1. Residents are required to vacate their rooms on or before the deadline stipulated by the RCU, confirmation of withdrawal or termination of residency, out-bound exchange, leave of absence, deferment of study, discontinuation of study, dismissal or withdrawal from the University.

10.2.2. Extension of stay may be granted by discretion in a case-by-case manner.

10.3. Resident card

10.3.1. A student card must be used by the designated resident only and is not transferable. Misuse or falsification of the card is strictly prohibited.

10.3.2. Residents must report to the Registry for any replacement of a lost/damaged card.

11.1. All paid fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

11.2. A fee will be charged for any loss/ damage of a visitor card or temporary card.

11.3. Residents are required to pay their fees or other payment by the deadline stipulated by the RCU. Late payment may result in suspension from the rights and privileges of residency and/ or from the use of services and facilities of the RC.

11.4. Only under special circumstances, refund of fee may be considered. Students concerned should submit a written request to the SAO with supporting documents for final approval by the Vice-President (Organisational Development).

12.1. Residents are required to keep all common facilities, furniture, fixtures and equipment of the RC in good condition and order. No furniture or equipment shall be removed without prior approval from the RCU. Residents must not interfere with or deface existing fittings, fixtures or furniture of the RC. Installation of any equipment or fixtures is not allowed. Residents will be required to compensate the University for any loss or damage caused to property of the RC, which results from deliberate acts or negligence of the residents concerned and their visitors.

13.1. Commercial and/ or promotional activities are not allowed in the RC. Sale of any goods and services is prohibited without prior approval of the SAO.

13.2. Mass distribution of promotional items without prior approval of the RCU is prohibited.

13.3. Only posters with the stamp of the SAO-RC can be placed in designated areas.

14.1. The SAO reserves the right to interpret these Regulations and update the information without prior notice.

14.2. Residents are required to comply with the House Rules of the RC to enhance their communal living and learning in the RC.

15.1. Violation of any of these Regulations may render the resident and student concerned liable to disciplinary procedures promulgated by the University.

(June 2019)