Fire Safety Marshal Programme

Fire Safety Marshal Programme

To promote fire safety in the RC community and to help achieve an efficient and effective evacuation from a building in case of fire alarm, Fire Safety Marshal (FSM) programme is open for application now.

  • Be a full-time student; and,
  • A current resident of the RC.

a) Acquire the basic knowledge of fire safety and promote it in the RC community; and,
b) Assist in fire drill exercise of the RCs. Duties including but not limited to:

  • alerting residents to leave the building upon hearing a fire alarm; and,
  • reporting abnormal situation(s), if any, to security and/or firemen at the fire assembly point.

Other RC personnel are suggested taking up similar roles of FSM. RCS staff/RC Tutors/Security Guards will perform FSM duties for communal areas (i.e. Communal Hall, Communal Room, Student Hub, toilets, etc.)

As a volunteer position, serving as a FSM not only learns fire safety knowledge for daily life, it also offers the FSM to get involved in the RCs before taking up a more sophisticated role (i.e. Residential Student Leader (RSL) and Executive Committee of Residents’ Association).

Each FSM will be granted with:
a) 15 or 10 points under “Contribution and Participation in Residential Colleges Life” for serving as a “Leader” or “Enabler”;
b) FSMs who have attended all the trainings and led the Fire Drill and Fire Safety Week with the other FSMs will be considered as a “Leader” and will receive 15 points*;
c) FSMs who have attended all the training and supported the Fire Drill and Fire Safety Week will be considered as an “Enabler” and receive 10 points *;
d) FSMs may list their experience and service in their application for RSL Scholarship.

Residential Student Leaders and Floor Ambassadors are welcome to serve as FSMs.

*RCS reserves the right of final decision.