2023/24 Semester 2 Application Deadline: 3 March 2024

In provision of comprehensive financial support to students with financial difficulties, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (the “HSUHK”) establishes the residential college (RC) bursary scheme starting from academic year 2018/19.
With the generous support from The Tung Foundation, the bursary scheme will be sponsored by The Tung Foundation from academic year 2019/20 to 2023/24 and is named as The Tung Foundation Residential College Bursary.

The annual value of each bursary shall be:

Residential Period in Residential CollegeValue of Bursary (HK$)
Whole Year$3,000, one-off
One Semester$1,500, one-off


  • Eligible students have to submit application through the SFR-APP by the designated
    deadline set by the Student Affairs Office (SAO).
  • Students should make themselves aware of the Guiding Principles for Scholarship/ Award
    and Financial Assistance Schemes as stipulated by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee before submitting an application.
  • Any eligible student who fails to submit application through the Scholarship Management System and/or provide/update bank account information through the eCampus, for the purpose of disbursement, by the designated deadline set by the SAO, will not have his/her application considered and/or the bursary he/she is entitled for will be forfeited.
  • Recipients of the bursary are required to attend functions related to the bursary organized by the Donor and/or the HSUHK.
  • Recipients shall abide by any other conditions laid down by the HSUHK.
  • Recipient must be an active student by the time of application, selection and disbursement. Any student who is withdrawn/deregistered with the HSUHK/has their student status deactivated, even if having been in good academic standing in the previous academic year, will not be considered.
  • The HSUHK reserves the right to withhold disbursement or to request the recipient to reimburse the bursary if the recipient’s conduct is deemed unsatisfactory or the recipient is not an active student or has outstanding fees or payments.

Interested parties are strongly recommended to refer to SAO website for latest information of the Scheme.