ECF Promoting Sustainability in Siu Lik Yuen

“ECF Promoting Sustainability in Siu Lik Yuen” is initiated by Student Affairs Office and the Residential Colleges and supported by the Environment and Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee. It aims to equip HSUHK students to become sustainability leader which enhances public awareness towards nature conservation and sustainability in Siu Lik Yuen.


Enrollment is now open!

Students will receive a series of training on different aspects, such as team-building, communication skills, public speaking, soft skills to become an eco-tour guide, etc. Through these training sessions, they will be more knowledgeable on environmental issues and other generic skills.

In the next phase, students will engage the public, particularly the Siu Lik Yuen neighborhood, by organizing a wide range of activities, including but not limited to experiential workshops, eco-tours, exhibitions, etc. Students will also implement their projects in the RC community.

At the end of the year, students will be invited to share on their experiences and achievements.

This project enables you to unleash your talent and demonstrate your ideas! You will be assigned tasks which allow you to apply your knowledge and skills while benefiting our neighborhood.

The programme is open for enrolment now! Interested students click the “Apply Now” button below and submit the application form by 26 September 2021, 23:00.