The Council Chairman Bowl

With generous support from the Council Chairman Dr. Moses CHENG, the Council Chairman’s Bowl (The Bowl) was donated for the overall championship of the inter-RC competitions. The Bowl aims at:

  • fostering inter-RC interaction, RC spirit, sportsmanship, friendship, respect, cooperation and exchange among residents;
  • offering learning opportunities through organizing and joining the competitions.
Scoring System

Scores will be given to the RC/Old Hall in each competition as indicated below. The scores will count towards determining the overall winner of the Bowl. In case of “disqualification” or “No participation”, the score will be “0”.

Score by rankingTug of War Badminton# Dodge BallBasketball
Doubles (M)Doubles (F)Doubles (Mix)
1st Runner-up808080808080
2nd Runner-up606060606060
3rd Runner-up404040404040
No participation/DQ000000

# Overall scores = scores for 3 teams X 1/3

2018/19 Results
 DateMosaic CollegeS H Ho Wellness CollegePatrick S C Poon Amity CollegeEvergreen College
Tug of War3-Nov-18100804060
Dodge Ball16-Feb-19604080100