Regulations of Old Hall


The University works towards providing a welcoming and safe environment to support students’ study and personal growth. The Regulations of Old Hall (“the Regulations”) aim to ensure the safety of the residents and security of the premises, and facilitate residents to maintain a harmonious, mutually respectful and supportive living and learning community.

1.1. Residents and their visitors are responsible for the safekeeping of their property, including but not limited to keeping their personal belongings in safe places and locking the room before leaving. The University shall not bear responsibility for any loss of or damage to any items brought into the Hall.

1.2. Residents must comply with the rules relating to safety and security and avoid any behaviour which may pose any potential safety, health or environmental concerns to others or the Hall community. The University and their delegates possess the right to inspect and remove any items that create such concern.

1.3. To secure safety, security and a non-disturbing environment for all residents, and to ensure compliance with the Regulations mentioned herein, the University or their delegates may enter any room in the premises with or without prior notice at any time.

1.4. Residents are required to present their Student ID Cards to access the Hall.

1.5. Student ID Cards or Resident Cards should be used by the designated student only and are not transferable. Misuse or falsification of identity is strictly prohibited.

1.6. No cooking, including boiling of water, is allowed in the student rooms.

1.7. Naked fire and any type of ignition, such as candles and incense burners, are strictly prohibited within all areas of the Hall.

1.8. Interference with fire safety devices and any act that will trigger fire alarm are strictly prohibited.

2.1. Any action or behaviour that may interfere with the privacy, time to study and rest, or normal
use of facilities by other users in the Hall should be avoided.

2.2. Residents should be properly attired in common areas.

2.3. Residents should keep their noise at a reasonable level and should not cause nuisance to
neighbours and fellow residents.

2.4. Quiet hours are between 11:00pm and 7:00am every day. During revision and examination
periods, quiet hours may be extended as needed.

2.5. All incidents, irregularities or facility failures found should be reported to the RCS immediately.

2.6. Any display of indecent decorations, obscene or intimating messages or images in the Hall
is not allowed.

3.1. Residents are responsible for keeping their student rooms and common rooms clean and
tidy. They should clean their student rooms on a regular basis to maintain a safe and
healthy condition of their rooms.

3.2. No personal belongings can be stored in any communal or public areas, including but not
limited to the pantry, corridor, and bathroom. Unauthorised storage items will be confiscated
by the University without further notice and the owner will not be entitled to any compensation.

4.1. The University is a smoke-free campus. Smoking in any form and ignition of cigarettes,
cigars or pipes in any form are strictly forbidden in any part of the premises of the Hall.

4.2. Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages without prior approval from the RCS is

4.3. Gambling in any form and/or possession of gambling instruments, such as mah-jong and/or mah-jong tables, are strictly forbidden.

4.4. Possession or use of any illegal and/or dangerous drugs as defined by the government
ordinances of the HKSAR is strictly prohibited.

5.1. Visiting hours of the Hall are 8:00am to 11:00pm. Overstay beyond visiting hours is strictly

5.2. Host residents must accompany their visitors throughout the visit. They are held
responsible for the behaviour of their visitors.

5.3. Simple and flameless cooking is allowed in common rooms and the kitchen appliances
provided are limited to reheating purposes. Unattended cooking is strictly prohibited.

5.4. Residents must not enter the residential floors or rooms of the opposite gender from
11:00pm to 8:00am of the following day, all days of the week.

6.1. Residents should bring along their keys all the time. Charges related to the replacement or
late return of keys and opening of rooms will be levied. Duplication of keys is strictly prohibited.

6.2. Residents may store food and drinks in the refrigerator in the common rooms. The
refrigerator is shared among residents. Cleaning of refrigerator will be conducted by the
University regularly and all unclaimed or rotten food will be discarded without further notice.

6.3. Common rooms and other public areas should be kept clean. Residents should dispose of
trash and restore the setting of the areas before they leave.

6.4. Electrical appliances over 1500 Watts or large appliances, such as refrigerator and washing
machine, are not allowed in the Hall. All electrical appliances and devices brought into the
Hall shall comply with the Electrical Products (Safety) regulations as defined by government
ordinance of the HKSAR.

6.5. Residents may use the value-adding machine on the ground floor of Lee Shau Kee Complex to top up their student account for laundry. Values stored in the student account are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

6.6. Commercial and/or promotional activities are not allowed in the Hall. Sale of any goods and services is prohibited without prior approval of the Residential College Section (RCS).

6.7. Distribution of promotional items without prior approval of the RCS is prohibited. Materials
approved by the RCS can be posted in designated areas only.

6.8. When defects and malfunctions of facilities are observed, residents are required to report
the details immediately by using google form on RC website.

7.1. Birds, fish, insects and other animals are not allowed to be kept at or brought into the Hall.

8.1. Residents are required to keep all common facilities, furniture, fixtures and equipment of
the Hall in good condition and order. No furniture or equipment shall be removed without
prior approval from the RCS. Residents must not interfere with or deface existing fittings,
fixtures or furniture, or install any additional equipment or fixtures. Residents will be required
to compensate the University for any loss or damage which results from deliberate acts or
negligence of the residents concerned and/or their visitors.

9.1. There are two residential terms in each academic year and residents must commit themselves to residing in the Hall for either one or two term(s). Hall fees are paid in two installments in each term.

9.2. Residents are required to pay the hall fees by the deadlines stipulated by the RCS. Late payment will affect one’s application and/or resident status.

9.3. All payments made are non-refundable.

9.4. Requests for refund will not be considered, unless there are special circumstances. Student
concerned should submit a written request with supporting documents to the Office of Vice-President (Organisational Development) via the SAO.

9.5. Residents whose residency is terminated due to violation of the Regulations, change of
student status or other reasons are not entitled to refund of any fees and charges paid.

10.1. RCS is responsible for room allocation. Successful applicants should follow the room
assignment accordingly.

10.2. Room change requests will normally not be considered. Residents with a genuine need
should submit a written request to the RCS.

11.1. Depending on the progress of study and the intended length of residency, residents are
required to move out by the specified date in either Semester 1 or 2.

11.2. Residents are required to vacate their rooms and move out by the deadline stipulated by
the RCS, withdrawal or termination of residency, outbound exchange, leave of absence,
deferment of study, discontinuation of study, dismissal or withdrawal from the University.

11.3. Residents must clean their rooms and restore them to the original setting and condition
prior to move-out. Residents who fail to check out properly will be charged a cleaning fee.

11.4. Residents must complete move-out procedures in person by the designated move-out time.
Keys must be returned at the move-out.

11.5. RCS reserves the right to discard any unclaimed items after check-out dates without further

12.1. SAO reserves the right to interpret these Regulations and update the information without
prior notice.

13.1. Violations of these Regulations may render the resident and student concerned liable to disciplinary procedures promulgated by the University.

(June 2019)