Admission Policies for Inbound Exchange Students 2023/24

The residential period for inbound exchange students is confirmed to the exchange term as agreed by The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong and the home institution. Successful applicants can move in one week before the commencement of the academic year and their residence period lasts till almost one week after the examination ends.

Invitation for application will be sent to eligible students in due course via email. 

RC Fees and Related Charges

The residential colleges fee of Residential Colleges (RCs) are listed as below.

Room TypeMonthly RateWhole Residential Year + HK$1,000 for residential life activities (Tentative)Semester 1 +HK$500 for residential life activities (Tentative)Semester 2 +HK$500 for residential life activities (Tentative)
2-bed roomHK$2,249HK$21,071HK$9,711HK$11,360
3-bed roomHK$2,044HK$19,242HK$8,872HK$10,370
4-bed roomHK$1,845HK$17,515HK$8,115HK$9,400

Applicants will be informed the details of the payment method via email after release of application results. Students can access MyHSUHK to view the charge statement.

If the applicants fail to pay the acceptance fee by the designated deadline, the residential offer will be forfeited and residential place will be assigned to the students on the waiting list.

Caution MoneyNil
Air-conditioning charge(the charge is on self-paid basis)
$2.1 per hour
Laundry charge
Fee level for commercial type of laundry machine:
Washing machine: $7 per wash (approximately 35 mins)
Drying machine: $1 per 3 mins
Discount rate is proposed for the existing domestic type laundry machines:
Washing machine: $2 per 60 mins
Drying machine: $4 per 60 mins
Placing Own Refrigerator in Room$100 per semester (for applications submitted after 31 Oct 2023)

Application: HERE
Loss / Damage of key card$100 per key
Door opening fee$100
Damage of RC propertiesThe resident(s) concerned will be requested to bear the cost of repair / replacement, subject to the assessment of SAO in consultation with CDMO
Late move-out$100 per day on top of the normal daily rate
Improper move-outA minimum of $200 per room
(e.g. rooms left messy & unclean)
Refund policyAll fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable except extenuating circumstances and approval from Senior Management is required.

# Remarks: “RCs” is Residential Colleges

Important Dates​

Eligible applicants will be informed the application details via email.

Move-in / -out​

Date: 28 August 2023 (Semester One)
Time: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Venue: Residential Colleges Unit

  1. Residents are required to come to the move-in counter with the student ID card in person at the designated time to complete the move-in procedures.
  2. A Move-in Kit including a move-in record form and a Resident Handbook will be given to each resident.
  3. Residents are required to check the room’s inventory and report to Residential Colleges Section (RCS) within a week of move-in if there is any missing, malfunctioning or damaged item.
  4. Any missing, malfunctioning or damaged items inside the room upon check-in should be reported to RCS immediately. If no notification has been received within a week of move-in, damaged or missing items found during your period of stay and move-out will incur you a cost for repair/replacement. Further disciplinary action will be also taken, if appropriate.

Date: on or before 29 December 2023 (noon) (Semester One), on or before 24 May 2024 (noon) (Semester Two, tentative)
Venue: Residential Colleges Unit

Residents are required to complete the move out procedure IN PERSON AND ON or BEFORE the captioned move-out date.
In order to have speedy move-out, residents are strongly advised to move out before the deadline if possible. Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the move-out procedures.

  1. Clear up all your belongings inside your room and restore the furniture setting of your room before reporting to us. Your bed space should be completely vacant. Any stuff left behind will be disposed otherwise a minimum charge of $200 per room will be levied if you do not clean up your room.
  2. Bring along your Student ID, and report to the lobby of your Residential College or RCS to collect the form “Inventory Check List for Move-out”. After checking your room’s inventory items by yourself, please go to the lobby of your Residential College again to complete the sign-out process.,
  1. Air-conditioner of the room
    Any remaining balance in the Student ID Card will NOT be refunded or transferred; you are reminded not to add too much value near to your move-out date.
  2. Vacate your belongings from refrigerator
    Please clear up your food and drinks inside the refrigerators at the Common Room. This practice can help minimize overdue and unknown items in the refrigerators.
  3. Vacant your mailbox
    Please remember to check and clear your mailbox. All uncollected mails will be returned to the Post Office.
  1. Late Move-out: Penalty charges ($100 per person per day) after the captioned move-out date and time will be levied for late move-out cases.
  2. Improper Move-out Penalty Charges: Please do not leave any stuff inside your room. A minimum of $200 per room will be levied if you fail to properly clean up your room, restore the furnishings upon move-out. Besides, penalty will be charged for any item damaged in the room. Please find the details of the penalty charges here.
  3. If you fail to check out by the deadline and required RCS to help in vacating the bed space by clearing, packing and moving the student’s belongings, penalty charge at $600 per person, on top of the late check-out penalty charges will be imposed.