House Rules of Residential Colleges

These House Rules serve as supplementary information to the Regulations of Residential Colleges (RC) and aim to enhance residents’ living and learning in the RC. These Rules shall automatically apply to all residents at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (the University).

1.1. For safety and security reasons, residents shall scan their student cards to the smartcard reader when they enter the shuttle lift lobby (on the street level), the lift lobbies on the LG/F and G/F, and the laundry room in their respective RC.

1.2. To access their assigned student rooms, residents should scan their student cards to the door locks.

1.3. Residents who lose their student cards should report to the Residential Colleges Unit (RCU) as soon as possible and apply for a temporary card. Using another student’s card to enter the RC is strictly prohibited.

1.4. Any charges paid for the loss or damage of a temporary card are non-refundable.

2.1. Residents can use the value-adding machine at the shuttle lift G/F lobby or Learning Commons if they wish to transfer value from their octopus cards to their student accounts. 

2.2. Residents can also purchase RC Coupon in eCampus, only $50, $100, $200 and $500 were offered to add value. The add value methods are FPS, Alipay HK, Alipay China and Wechat Pay. Users can use the RC Coupon to pay for AC and laundry service. 

2.3. All value stored in the RC coupon of the student account is non-transferable and non-refundable.

3.1. Residents and visitors are required to register at the security counter, G/F lobby in their respective RC, when they enter and leave the RC. Each resident can register up to 5 visitors per visit.

3.2. No visitor is allowed to stay in the RC after 11:00pm. Visitors who stay in the RC after 11:00pm shall be regarded as over-staying and should leave immediately.

3.3. If visitors have a genuine need to stay in the RC after visiting hours, they can purchase tickets via the “Overnight Stay Visitors Scheme” with support from the host residents.

3.4. Residents should respect their privacy of roommate(s) and communicate with roommate(s) before inviting guests to their rooms.

4.1. Residents should keep the floor common rooms clean at all times. Trash should be properly disposed of and the common rooms should be restored after use.

4.2. Residents should not remove or relocate any furniture, equipment, electrical appliances or others’ belongings from the floor common rooms.

4.3. Residents should not leave their personal belongings and equipment in the floor common rooms.

4.4. To ensure food safety and hygiene, residents should be aware of the condition of their food stored in the refrigerators and remove expired and decayed items as soon as possible.

4.5. Only reheating and flameless cooking are allowed in the floor common rooms. In order not to trigger the fire safety system, residents should refrain from generating a considerable amount of smoke by any means.

5.1. Cooking inside student rooms is strictly prohibited. Use of cookers, ovens, electrical grills and induction cookers is not allowed.

5.2. The furniture arrangement and layout plan of the student rooms may vary from room to room in order to optimize the use of space and safety requirements. Residents are not allowed to remove any of the furniture or alter the furniture set-up or layout plan. Residents will be required to compensate the University for any loss of and damage to the property of the RC or any removal costs incurred.

5.3. Drying should be limited to the laundry rooms. Hanging of water-dripping clothes is not allowed in the student rooms.

5.4.Hanging of any items at window blinds, window frames, pipes, conduits, fire sprinklers or any fixtures outside windows is not allowed.

5.5. Residents should not use any decorative items that may cause damage or malfunctioning to the windows/doors of the room.

5.6. In cases of spillage on carpets, residents should use dry towels gently to absorb the spilled liquid immediately, then remove the solid debris, if any, and use a wet towel to clean the spilled area of carpet.

5.7. Residents are responsible for cleaning and tidying up their student rooms. They may borrow a vacuum cleaner from the security counter at the G/F lobby with their student cards.

5.8. Residents should dispose of their garbage in the refuse collection area in their respective RC.

5.9. Residents should communicate with their roommate(s) to reach a consensus on their use of air-conditioning and sharing of incurred costs.

6.1. The e-payment system for laundry services allows residents to check the status and availability of laundry machines in their respective RC, pay the laundry fees, and check the balance of their RC coupons and their laundry payment records.

6.2. Residents should prepare foamless washing detergent for their own use.

6.3. Residents can only use the laundry machines when they are not in use or unoccupied.

6.4. Exceeding the weight limit will cause damage to the machines and users may be charged for the repair cost incurred and the improper use of the University’s property.

7.1. The opening hours of the Roof Gardens and balconies are from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

7.2. Residents should refrain from making excessive noise on the floors, in the Roof Gardens and balconies at all times.

7.3. No climbing or leaning against the parapets is allowed.

8.1. In case of any defects or malfunctioning of facilities and/ or equipment found in student rooms or other public areas, residents should report to the security counter immediately.

8.2. For any emergency and incident, residents should report to the security guard at the G/F lobby as soon as possible:

  • Mosaic College: 3963-5808;
  • Wellness College: 3963-5809;
  • Amity College: 3963-5811; and
  • Evergreen College: 3963-5810.

9.1. Interference with fire safety devices and any act that will trigger fire alarm are strictly prohibited. Any items interfering with fire safety devices, such as fumigators in student rooms or public areas, should not be used and these items will be removed without prior notification.

9.2. Corridors, lobbies, hallways, walkways and staircases should be kept clear of furniture and any other objects, in order not to obstruct passage and escape routes for safety reasons. Any items found in these areas will be removed without prior notification.

9.3. Residents should retreat to the central concourse area outside the G/F lobbies by stairs immediately upon the sounding of fire alarms.

9.4. Residents are required to attend fire safety talk(s) and take part in fire drill(s).

10.1. Residents should observe the Computer Use Policy of the University which can be obtained here.

10.2. Unauthorized WiFi hubs or routers are not allowed, except with the prior approval of the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC).

11.1. For safety reasons, electrical appliances and devices with wattage higher than 1500 Watts, or generating smoke or smell, or posing a threat to safety or hygiene, such as ovens, heaters, grills and cookers, are not allowed to be brought into or used in the RC.

11.2. The total power supply of each student room is 30A. When the power supply is overloaded, the power supply system will be automatically shut down, resulting in suspension of the electricity supply to the student room concerned.

11.3. All electrical appliances and devices brought into the RC shall comply with the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation defined by government ordinance of the HKSAR.

11.4. The SAO may request residents to remove any furniture or items that are not allowed in the RC or any items that may endanger others.

12.1. Bicycles should be properly parked in the designated areas within the campus and should not be brought into/ kept in student rooms. Residents should park their bicycles at the parking lot outside Lee Quo Wei Academic Building (Block D) in the Main Campus.

13.1. Residents should not use any items to decorate their rooms that may cause damage to the

13.2. Before moving-out, residents should clean up and restore their student room to the original setting
and condition of room to which they at first moved in. Otherwise, a cleaning charge will be imposed
on the concerned residents.

14.1. Violation of any of these House Rules may render a resident and student liable to disciplinary procedures promulgated by the University.

(June 2019)