Old Hall 2022/23 (for non-local post-graduate students)

Old Hall located at 2/F of Academic and Administration Building (Block M).

Full-time non-local taught postgraduate students will be eligible to apply for residence in Old Hall.

Applicants of Old Hall should fully comply with the requirements stipulated in Fighting COVID-19 at the RCs and HSUHK Latest Announcements on COVID-19 at all times.

Full residential year hall places are to be offered to successful applicants. The residential period is normally 9 months starting from the beginning of September.

Residential YearResidential Period Note1
2022/231 September 2022 – 31 May 2023

Note1 The period of residence stay will be confirmed and announced by SAO and will be subject to review in the case of changes in student status, study programmes and/or other circumstances. Upon completion of their normal study period, students will be required to move out of the residence before the end date of the normal study period or a specified date to be decided by SAO.

Student Room

Old Hall offers 4-person bedroom, each room (20sq meter) is equipped with all the basics:

  1. Air conditioner with check-meter;
  2. Each student a twin power socket and 1 data point;
  3. Loft bed, mattress, working desk and wardrobe;

Other Facilities 

  1. Communal washroom and bathroom
  2. Common area (1 room per floor)
  3. Commercial laundry machines (coin-operated)
Room typeFee per month per person
4-person (loft-bed) room$3,000
The above rate excludes air-conditioning and laundry fee.
The hall fee will be collected in 2 instalments in each semester.

Eligible applicants are required to submit their application by returning the complete application form with supporting documents (if any) at rescolleges@hsu.edu.hk with the subject “Application for Old Hall (new non-local TPGs)”. 

The first round of offer will be announced by early July. Application for topping-up offer (if any) will be sent to eligible applicants.