RC Application Procedures (new students)

All students are eligible to apply the Residential College, except Students in the following categories are not eligible for residential colleges application: (1) Termination of study or (2) Programme completion or (3) Leave of study or (4) Outbound exchange/ Full-time internship/placement programmes. For details, please refer to the admission policies.
You can submit an application on eCampus from 14 – 16 August 2019
The deadline for academic year 2019/20 for new students is 16 August 2019, 23:59:59. For details, please refer to the admission policies.
Normally, late application is not accepted. However, if you have strong reasons for the late application, discretion maybe made based on the evidences you provided. Your application will be handled as a late application. However, priority will be given to students who submit necessary documents before the deadline.
The RC Fee are as below,
  1. 2-bed Room: HKD17,980 (Include HKD700 Residential Colleges Life activities; HKD1,920 per month)
  2. 3-bed Room: HKD16,405 (Include HKD700 Residential Colleges Life activities; HKD1,745 per month)
  3. 4-bed Room: HKD14,875 (Include HKD700 Residential Colleges Life activities; HKD1,575 per month)
Remarks: Compulsory payment for the residential colleges life activities, and air-conditioning fee, laundry are exclusive to the RC Fee.  For details to the fees, please refer to HERE.
The allocation is based on the scoring system, from high to low. It includes maximum of 50 points for home distance and 15 points for outstanding performance in the past 3 years. In the meantime, applicants can also apply for Recommendation by RC Master together with the application for residence for RCs for AY2019/20. Successful applicants with recommendation from RC Master can be directly admitted to RCs. For details, please refer to the admission policies.
Roommate matching exercise is not applicable to new students. However, they are allowed to apply for room swapping with mutual agreement with involved students and approval from RC Masters after move in. The application form for room swapping can be downloaded HERE.
Under the RC system, residents who admitted to HSUHK starting from academic year 2018/19 will be affiliated to one RC during their entire study period. Change of affiliation is not allowed unless with strong reasons and approval from RC Masters.
No single room is provided in RCs.
We will send you the result on 22 August 2019 via HSUHK email account. You can also check the details of the result on the eCampus. Successful applicants will be required to settle the full payment on or before 5:00pm, 26 August 2019.
Late payment is not allowed due to fairness to other applicants.
The residential period for academic year 2019/20 is 31 August 2019 to 1 June 2020, noon.

Move-in Procedures


The move-in date for academic year 2019/20 is 31 August 2019.


No. If you are a non-local student and you are required to move-in earlier, please send us an email at rescolleges@hsu.edu.hk. Arrangement maybe made based on feasibility. The extra fee will be charged on the daily rate of your room.


No. If you are a non-local student and you are required to move-in later, please send us an email at rescolleges@hsu.edu.hk. Arrangement maybe made based on feasibility.


You are required to complete the move-in record. And check the condition of the inventories in your room according to the inventory checklist. Any missing, malfunctioning or damaged items inside the room upon check-in should be reported to Residential Colleges Unit (RCU) immediately. If no notification has been received within a week of move-in, damaged or missing items found during your period of stay and it will incur you a cost for repair/replacement when you move out.

Living in Residential College


It costs HKD1.6 per hour + HKD0.1 admin charge.


It is the responsibility of residents to keep their rooms clean and tidy. Residents should clean their room, including built-in washroom and shower unit regularly, in order to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy condition of their room at all times. You can register and borrow vacuum cleaner at the security counter at G/F lobby. In the meantime, SAO holds the right to conduct cleaning and room checking at any time if deem necessary. 


You should purchase on your own.


Each residential college has its own laundry facilities. They are located at LG/F of each residential college. The laundry service is on a self-paid basis. For the fees of the laundry machines, please refer to HERE.


Communal facilitates include floor common rooms, fridges, microwaves, Communal Hall/Room, Student Hub, Learning Commons and Tuck Shop. Also, each bedroom has built-in washroom and shower unit. 

For details, you may refer to the section of Facilities, Services and Support on the website


Residents may invite visitors to visit the RC between 8:00am and 11:00pm. All visitors should register at the reception counter at G/F lobby when they enter and leave the RC


The Repair & Maintenance service are supported by Campus Development and Management Office (CDMO). Any damage to facilities in the common areas and in the student bedrooms must be reported immediately by filling in record in the Facilities Defect Report Form placed at Security Counter on the G/F of each Residential College lobby.


Cooking inside bedroom is strictly prohibited. Use of cookers, oven, electrical grills and induction cookers are not allowed in student rooms. Only reheating and simple cooking are allowed in the floor common rooms of halls. In order not to trigger the fire safety system, residents should refrain from generating considerable amount of smoke by any means.


You may bring a schoolmate overnight in your room under applying “Pilot Visitor Overnight Scheme”. You should view the details of overnight for visitors at HERE.


The quiet hours span from 11:00pm to 7:00am. And it will be extended to 24 hours a day starting from 1 week prior to examination period in the academic calendar stipulated by Registry.