Admission Policies for New Students (2020/21)


Applications are now open to all new students (who have completed the registration process at Registry) who would like to apply for residence and taste the living and learning experience in the Residential Colleges.

Students in the following categories are NOT eligible for application:

  1. Termination of study
  2. Programme completion
  3. Leave of study
  4. Committed to attend outbound exchange/ full-time internship/placement programmes

Information on Residential Colleges Application

Scoring System

In 2020/21, a Composite Point System will be applied to assess all applications. This System has two components:

  1. Home Distance from HSUHK (maximum: 50 points)
  2. Outstanding Performance (maximum: 15 points)

Maximum score:

New UG Students: 50

New Non-local Senior Intake: 25

“Hong Kong eTransport”, an on-line platform administered by the Transport Department, will be used for calculating the travelling time, with the following parameters set. You may click here for the guidelines and click here for the sample dump screen.

  1. Home address refers to student’s official record maintained by the Registry. Address proof showing students’ names and residential address before the start date of Residential Colleges application of 2020/21 is required.#
  2. Applicants have to choose “The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong” as the destination for calculating the time required.
  3. Travelling time is calculated by using the Hong Kong eTransport, taking into account the following factors:
    • Walking distance: Longer Walk;
    • “All Service” and “Time” should be selected;
    • Search results involving time or day specific or temporary transport services normally would not be counted; it would be counted only when they were the only options available.
    • In any case, the shortest travelling time shown in the search results would be used.
    • To ensure objectivity, personal preference and travelling cost would not be taken into consideration.
  4. The travelling time will be converted into home distance scores in accordance with the below table. For new UG students maximum score of 50 points would be given to students with a travelling time of 120 minutes or more. For new non-local senior intake the maximum score will be 25 and the score will be calculated pro rata.
Corresponding PointTime Taken in Travelling to HSUHK
(minutes, for single trip)
50At 120 or more / Non-local students
04 or less

Both academic attainment (Category 1) and non-academic attainment (Category 2), with details as shown below, would be taken into consideration:

  1. item per category could be counted, subject to a maximum of 15 points. For Category 2, the awards received in the past 3 years (Academic Years 2017-18, 2018-19 & 2019-20) could be counted.
  2. Documentary proof must be provided at the time of submitting the application. Late submission would not be accepted.

Category 1 – Academic attainment

PointHKDSE results (Best 5 subjects)
Student will qualifications other HKDSE would be handled on a case by case basis
1523 or above

Category 2 – Non-academic attainment

15An athlete, a delegate or a team member in the Hong Kong Teams
(Must be representing HK through a selection process)
10An athlete, a delegate or a team member in the Hong Kong Teams
(Selection for participation is not required)
5 Champion, 1st runner up or 2nd runner up of Hong Kong wide-competitions

In order to enhance the RC development in the long run, RC Masters can directly admit students and a mechanism is created for facilitating the assessment and direct admission:

  1. Eligibility: both residents and non-residents
  2. Applicants are required to submit their application on eCampus.
  3. Selection criterion: talents, special needs, or strong contribution to the RC community
  4. Selection panel: including RC Management Team and Student Residents’ Associations (SRAs), but the final judgement will rest with the RC Masters.
  5. Assessment would be made by the RC Management Teams with justifications.
  6. Quota: a maximum quota of 10 for each RC
Period of stay

10 September 2020 to 31 May 2021 (both nights inclusive) (tentative)

Allocation Criteria

In case of over-subscription, the following criteria would be used to allocate bed-places.

  • Group 1 – Year 1 non-local students
  • Group 2 – Inbound Exchange students
  • Group 4 – Year 4 students (both local and non-local students) of 14%
  • Group 5 – Year 1 local students of 35%
  • Group 6 – Year 2 and 3 students (both local and non-local students) of 47%
  1. The above are indicative figures only.
  2. Adjustment would be made, taking into consideration the gender distribution as well as the actual demand of each group of students.
  3. In case there is an overwhelming demand, the University would consider various options, such as offering one-semester residence, deducting marks for those who have resided in the RC before, etc.
  4. Students having the same total scores will be assigned a random number and would be selected randomly.
  5. Applicants are expected to provide information to the best of their knowledge; any misrepresentation of facts or submission of false information would result in disqualification of application as well as disciplinary action by the University, as appropriate.
Address Proof

Applicants are required to provide the address proof showing theirs names and residential address within the latest 3 months before the start date of application depending the type of accommodation:

  • Public Rental Flats: Tenancy Agreement
  • Self-owned Flats: Rate Receipts
  • Rental Flats: Stamped Tenancy Agreement

Other proof, such as water, electricity, gas, mobile phone bill, bank statement is acceptable.

The proper address proof should clearly show:

a) the name of the issuing organization;
b) the issuing date; and
c) the student’s name.

If the student’s name is not shown on the documents provided, documentary proof(s) of the relationship between the student and the person whose name is shown on the documents, e.g. birth certificate, is required.

If students realize that their registered address at Registry is not correct and updated, they can indicate the changes on the application. The amendment records will be synchronously updated on their student information account.

Admission Offer

The result of admission offer will be announced on 4 September 2020 (tentative). Admission offer would be made in accordance with scores attained by the applicant. Room assignment, either it would be 2 / 3 / 4-bed room, would be announced at the same time, making reference to the preference as selected at the time of application. In case room preference cannot be entertained due to excessive demand, room of any type would be assigned. The result would be emailed to your HSUHK gmail account or you may visit the Student Information System for updates.

Room Assignment

The room assignment results for Year 1 admittees will be announced on 9 September 2020 (tentative).

For senior-year admittees the results will be announced on 28 August 2020 (tentative).

Residential College Fee
Room TypeFee per monthFee a year (9 months) + HK$700
for residential life activities
2-bed roomHK$1,920HK$18,045
3-bed roomHK$1,745HK$16,465
4-bed roomHK$1,575HK$14,930

The Residential College fee are tentative only and subject to review. It is expected that there will be an increase of Residential Colleges fee for 2020/21 and the confirmed fees shall be announced in due course.

  • Successful applicants would be required to pay the full payment before 5:00 pm, 8 September 2020. Late payment/ failure in payment submission will be handled as a withdrawal of offer.
  • The Residential College fee is to be paid on a semester basis and would be charged on a pro-rata basis, in case of irregularities with provided valid reason and approval from the Senior Management.
How to Apply
  • Eligible students can apply via Student Information System.
  • Application period: 21 – 28 August 2020 (new local students) & 11 – 14 August 2020 (new senior year admittees).
  • Applicants would receive an email acknowledgement after they have successfully completed the online form.
  • Late application will not be entertained.  
 Local Year 1 AdmitteesLocal / Non-local Senior-Year Admittees
Online application open21 – 28, August 2020 (tentative)6 – 14 August, 2020
Release of room assignment result4 September, 202020 August, 2020
Deadline of acceptance of offer with FULL payment5:00pm, 8 September 2020 (tentative)25 August, 2020
Release of Residential Colleges admission result9 September, 202028 August, 2020
Move-in10 September, 202010 September, 2020

Should you have any questions related to the application procedures, please feel free to contact Residential Colleges Unit, Student Affairs Office on G/F of S H Ho Wellness College or call 3963 5800 or email to