HSUHK Residential Colleges Organised Welcoming Party to celebrate with Students their Move-in

Students kicked off their journey at the Residential Colleges (RCs) with a joyful Saturday (31st August 2019) of greeting their peers and teachers at the Welcoming Party and moving into their new rooms.

The day began with the RC Welcoming Party. More than 100 local, non-local and exchange students were welcomed by the Student Affairs Office and the four individual RCs with souvenirs, bread fresh from the oven and chit-chat.

Dr Tom Fong, Vice-President (Organisational Development), encouraged the students to get involved in RC activities and cherish every opportunity of interacting with other members of the RCs.

Each RC Management Team, comprising the RC Master, Associate Master and Resident Tutors, introduced their RC and gave a preview of activities in the coming year.

Through interactive games and quizzes, our student residents had learnt the essential knowledge of living in the RCs and taken the first step of becoming an active resident of the RC community.

Following the Party is the mass move-in that began at noon. The RCs are becoming hustle and bustle again as more than 600 students moved in last Saturday, let alone the exchange, international and new mainland students who had moved in earlier last week.
With a smooth kick-off, a vivid living-and-learning experience is awaiting ahead.