Reporting and Handling of COVID-19 Cases in the RCs and Old Hall

Reporting and Handling of COVID-19 Cases in the RCs and Old Hall

This plan sets out the response scheme to COVID-19 cases at the RCs/Old Hall in the context of the fifth wave of pandemic in Hong Kong, aligning with “Policy Guidelines for Handling COVID-19 Cases at HSUHK” and the guidelines and advice from the Centre of Health Protection (“CHP”)

Vaccine Pass

In addition to the prevailing Health Declaration requirements, Vaccine Pass and related measures for access to RCs are with effect from 14 March 2022:

a) Entrances include any pedestrian entrances of the RCs and the vehicular entrance.

b) In addition to HSUHK card-tapping with up-to-date Health Declaration that is already in force, all staff, students, residents, staff of service providers, invited guest, and other specified personnel are required to satisfy Phase/Stage 1 of the Government Vaccine Pass requirement (i.e. to get at least one jab before entering the Scheduled/Specified Premises or have Medical Exemption Certificate) from 14 March 2022 in order to enter the campus area.

c) Phase/Stage 2 of the Government Vaccine Pass requirement for campus entry (i.e. those aged 18 or above have to complete two jabs, as for those aged between 12 and 17, they are allowed entry with only one jab) is expected to be effective by end of May 2022.

d) Phase/Stage 3 of the Government Vaccine Pass requirement for campus entry (i.e. those aged 18 or above who have completed two jabs for at least nine months would need to receive the third jab, as for those aged between 12 and 17 who have had one jab for at least six months, they have to receive the second jab to be allowed entry) is expected to be effective by end July 2022. More details will be announced in due course.

Steps for RC entry
i. Before entering via one of the said entrances, scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” venue QR code (outside the premises if available or at the security counter) using the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application on your mobile device;

ii. Enter the premises and present the QR code (obtained from step i above) of your vaccination or medical exemption certificate to the QR Code Verification Scanner, temperature checking will be carried out at the entrance;

iii. Tap your HSUHK card to verify the status of both your HSUHK’s identity and Health Declaration status;

The Vaccine Pass arrangement does not apply to individuals under the age of 12 or individuals who enter the Scheduled/Specified Premises only for the purpose of delivering or picking up an article from the premises, drop-off or pick up passengers or goods, performing necessary repairs on the premises, or executing statutory/legal duties, etc.

Prevailing University Health Declaration (HD) requirements

The prevailing Health Declaration remains in force. Please be reminded to update your HD when your health and/or vaccination status has changed.

An enhanced Health Declaration Form with additional upload functions for proof of first dose of vaccination and medical exemption certificate will be available on 11 March from E-campus and CDMO’s website.

The University reserves the right to only allow entry of those who have fully complied with the HD requirements.

What to Do if Positive Result Obtained Through Self-Arranged Rapid Antigen Test (Ver. 3.0)

In view of the Government’s announcement on 24 February on the risk-based testing strategy, the RCU’s guidelines “What to do if I am tested positive with self-arranged rapid antigen test” has been revised accordingly. Under the new measure, the Government plans to allow RAT positive persons to register their positive results through an online self-reporting system such that they may be followed up as positive cases without seeking confirmation in nucleic acid tests.

The Residential Colleges Unit (RCU) has further revised the following guidelines with reference to the new measures for all residents to follow:

  1. Keep calm if the antigen rapid test result is positive. 若快速抗原測試(即快速測試棒)結果呈陽性,請先保持冷靜。
  2. Notify your RC Master or Associate Master and RCU immediately. 立即向所屬書院的院長或副院長與及RCU呈報。
  3. Notify your roommates immediately. 立即聯絡同房宿生。
  4. You are strongly advised to return home and notify your RC Master or Associate Master and RCU when you do so. Register your positive results through CHP’s online self-reporting system and patiently wait for the further instructions and advice of the CHP. 
  5. #You should not return to the RC until you have completed the requested home/ community quarantine period. After you have fulfilled the quarantine order and other requirements, notify your RC Master or Associate Master and RCU before you return to the RC.
    #在完成衛生署衛生防護中心要求的家居/ 社區隔離期限前,不可返回住宿書院。完成隔離期限後,請先通知所屬書院的院長或副院長與及RCU,然後方可返回所屬書院。
  6. If you do not have a local residency or cannot return to your home due to very special reasons, you must seek the special approval from your RC Master or Associate Master and RCU in advance. Otherwise, the University reserves the right to request you to leave the RC.
  7. If you stay at the room with special approval of the University, you must remain at the room and wait for the instructions of CHP for completion of the requested quarantine period or admission to hospitals /community isolation facilities.

# Details of the arrangements are subject to the Government’s further announcements. 詳細安排有待政府公佈。

“StayHomeSafe” Scheme Launched by the HKSAR Government (Feb 2022)

On 8 February 2022 the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the HKSAR Government launched the “StayHomeSafe” (the Scheme). Under the Scheme, the close contacts and household contacts of close contacts who are deemed appropriate will undergo home quarantine for 14 days and 4 days respectively.

While awaiting advice from the CHP, based on the criteria of the Scheme, if the student residents or live-in non-student members are required to undergo home quarantine, there are possibilities that the persons concerned will stay at the RCs for home quarantine under the Scheme.

Persons undergoing “StayHomeSafe” must stay in their room and wear an electronic wristband throughout the quarantine period; regularly monitor their physical condition including taking body temperature twice daily; conduct regular Rapid Antigen Test on their own on specified dates (close contacts must also attend the Community Testing Centre for testing on Day 12); and follow other home quarantine guidelines issued by the CHP.

More details of the Scheme can be found at the website established by the Government:

If a resident receives a home quarantine order, he/she should notify Residential Colleges Unit at or 3963 5800, as well as their RC Master, Associate Master, or Resident Tutors immediately.

Should need arise, residents may apply for withdrawal from the RC for the remaining of 2021/22 Semester 2. Please refer to the email ‘Arrangements of Residency at the RCs in Semester 2, 2021/22’ dated 16th February 2022 for details.

香港政府衛生防護中心於2022 年 2 月 8 日推行「居安抗疫」計劃。中心安排經評估為合適的密切接觸者和密切接觸者的同住家人進行為期分別14天和4天的家居檢疫。




如有宿生收到衛生防護中心發出的居家隔離令,請立即通知住宿書院事務組 ( 或 3963 5800) 及其書院院長、副院長或住宿導師。

如有特別需要,宿生可申請提早退宿。申請程序及詳情請參閱住宿書院事務組於 2022 年 2 月 16 日發出的電郵 「Arrangements of Residency at the RCs in Semester 2, 2021/22」。

Health and Hygiene Measures for Residential Colleges/Old Hall Residents during the COVID-19
  1. A one-time online health declaration is required prior to move-in. You should submit a proof of one of the followings with the health declaration:
    • negative result of COVID-19 test; or
    • full vaccination record.
  2. No visitor policy is enforced.
  3. Inter-RC visit (i.e. resident of one RC visiting another RC) is not allowed.
  4. Users of communal areas in the RCs must follow the seating/user limit as stipulated.
  5. Residents must wear a mask in common areas (i.e. all areas except bedroom).
  6. Residents must conduct a temperature check when entering the RC premise.
  7. Residents must not enter the RC if one or more of the following conditions are met:
    • You show symptoms of respiratory infections such as fever, sore throat, cough, etc;
    • You are identified as close contact of any suspected / confirmed COVID-19 case;
    • Your family member(s) is/are required to undergo compulsory quarantine at home;
    • You had contact with family member(s) whose residential building has a COVID-19 confirmed case(s) recently.
  8. When a resident is prohibited to entry RC/Old Hall due to Item 7, no refund of hall fee will be made.
  9. Upon acceptance of offer, residents agreed to abide Health and Hygiene Measures for RCs and Old Hall.

RCU reserves the right to make changes in the regulations and other information contained in this document without prior notification.