Health and Hygiene Measures for Residential Colleges/Old Hall Residents during the COVID-19
  1. A one-time online health declaration is required prior to move-in. You should submit a proof of one of the followings with the health declaration:
    • negative result of COVID-19 test; or
    • full vaccination record.
  2. No visitor policy is enforced.
  3. Inter-RC visit (i.e. resident of one RC visiting another RC) is not allowed.
  4. Users of communal areas in the RCs must follow the seating/user limit as stipulated.
  5. Residents must wear a mask in common areas (i.e. all areas except bedroom).
  6. Residents must conduct a temperature check when entering the RC premise.
  7. Residents must not enter the RC if one or more of the following conditions are met:
    • You show symptoms of respiratory infections such as fever, sore throat, cough, etc;
    • You are identified as close contact of any suspected / confirmed COVID-19 case;
    • Your family member(s) is/are required to undergo compulsory quarantine at home;
    • You had contact with family member(s) whose residential building has a COVID-19 confirmed case(s) recently.
  8. When a resident is prohibited to entry RC/Old Hall due to Item 7, no refund of hall fee will be made.
  9. Upon acceptance of offer, residents agreed to abide Health and Hygiene Measures for RCs and Contingency Plan for Outbreak of COVID-19 at RCs and Old Hall.

RCU reserves the right to make changes in the regulations and other information contained in this document without prior notification.

Review of Anti-COVID-19 Measures at the Residential Colleges (Effective March 2021)

The “Task Force for Review of Anti-COVID Measures at RC” (Task Force) which comprised members from University management, RCs and the student community was established in February 2021 to review the workflows and handling procedures and propose new measures to address and update the anti-COVID-19 arrangements at the RCs. The recommendations have been endorsed by Residential Colleges System Committee (RCSC).

The summary of the review and the new measures are as below:

  1. Summary of Review of Anti-COVID-19 Measures at the Residential Colleges
  2. Response Flowchart and Procedures for Handling ‘Other Contacts’ of Covid-19 Cases at RCs
  3. Notification for COVID-19 Test and Voluntary Self-Isolation

You may access the document with your student/staff credential.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact us at 3963 5800 or by email to

Contingency Plan for Outbreak of COVID-19 at RCs and Old Hall (Revised in April 2021)

This plan sets out its preparedness and response scheme for any potential novel infectious disease outbreak at RCs or Old Hall.

Contingency Plan for Outbreak of COVID-19 at RCs and Old Hall