Current Anti-COVID Measures of the RCs

The following anti-COVID measures are in place in the RCs:

  • Tapping of Student ID Card at the security checkpoints (as a standard security measure and access management)
  • Wearing of mask in communal areas (i.e. outside student room)

The following measures are not required effective 30 December 2022:

  • Temperature check and the lobby
  • Seat limit at the tables in the Common Rooms

Visitor Policy of the RCs

Inter-RC visits (i.e. resident of one RC visiting another RC) and visit by HSUHK students are permitted. Details are as follows:

  • Visiting hours are from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm every day.
  • Both the host resident and visitor are required to sign in and sign out at the security counter (G/F lobby in their respective RC) in person. Each host resident can register up to 2 visitors per visit;
  • Visitors must leave the RC premise by the end of visiting hours (i.e. 11:00 pm). Staying beyond visiting hours is considered a breach of the RC Regulations. Both the host resident and the visitor(s) will be liable to disciplinary actions.
  • Host residents are held responsible for the behaviour of their visitors. For details, please refer to the full Regulations of the RCs.
  • Host Resident should consult his/her roommate(s) before inviting any visitors.

Non-HSUHK members and alumni are not eligible to register as visitors under these arrangements.

Supporting Students against COVID-19

  1. The RCs continue their operation to support student residents’ needs on study and campus life.

    Here’s a video showing how the RC Community work together over the last wave of the pandemic.

We liaised with the vending machine vendors on supplying surgical masks and Rapid-Antigen Test (RAT) kits. Residents may purchase supplies as needed 24/7.

Policies and Guidelines Related to Anti-COVID Measures in the RCs

Reporting and Handling of COVID-19 Cases in the RCs and Old Hall

This plan sets out the response scheme to COVID-19 cases at the RCs/Old Hall in the context of the fifth wave of pandemic in Hong Kong, aligning with “Policy Guidelines for Handling COVID-19 Cases at HSUHK” and the guidelines and advice from the Centre of Health Protection (“CHP”)

The “Task Force for Review of Anti-COVID Measures at RC” (Task Force) which comprised members from University management, RCs and the student community was established in February 2021 to review the workflows and handling procedures and propose new measures to address and update the anti-COVID-19 arrangements at the RCs. The recommendations have been endorsed by Residential Colleges System Committee (RCSC).

The summary of the review and the new measures are as below:

  1. Summary of Review of Anti-COVID-19 Measures at the Residential Colleges
  2. Response Flowchart and Procedures for Handling ‘Other Contacts’ of Covid-19 Cases at RCs (Appendix I)
  3. Notification for COVID-19 Test and Voluntary Self-Isolation (Appendix II)