I welcome you to the
HSUHK Jockey Club Residential Colleges.

HSUHK is the first among local self-financed higher education institutions to adopt the Residential College System.  As an integral part of university education and whole-person development for students, Residential Colleges (RCs) with four themes namely Cultural Diversity (Lee Yick Hoi Lun Mosaic College), Healthy Living (S H Ho Wellness College), Community Service (Patrick S C Poon Amity College) and Sustainability (Fung Yiu King Evergreen College), are designed to enhance students’ sense of responsibility, develop their social skills, self-management skills, and communication and leadership abilities by combining living and learning and through a series of RC Life Education Programmes.  This is also in line with University’s “Liberal + Professional” education model.

I hope you will treasure all the valuable opportunities to participate in various RC and inter-RC activities and programmes, to have interactions with Masters, Associate Masters, Tutors, RC Fellows and faculty staff in both formal and informal settings, and to meet new friends and establish friendship with fellow students.

I wish you all a fruitful learning journey to learn, to grow, and to maximise your potential to the fullest during your stay at RCs.

Dr Tom Fong
Vice-President (Organisational Development)