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I have been living in Mosaic College for 2 years. Living in Mosaic College was a very unforgettable and interesting experience. Mosaic College provided bunches of activities for us to join, for example sports competitions and BBQ party. I also met a lot of friends from other countries which was a treasured experience for me. Besides I always have precious times to have dinner with Master who is my professor too. I totally believe that Mosaic College has provided adequate activities for us to build a fruitful RC life.

MO Zhizhong, resident of Mosaic College

在博文書院的這兩年時間令我覺得又難忘又有趣。博文書院提供給學生很多球類和課餘活動的機會。在這一年我參加了拔河比賽和燒烤派對,我認識了很多不同國家的交換生,和他們相處的時間十分難忘。我的學系主任林教授同時是博文書院舍監,他經常會邀請我和他一起共進晚餐,這些珍貴的經驗令我十分難忘。總結來說,博文書院提供的多元化活動令我再這一年的收穫可說是碩果累累 。


Fruitful Life at Amity College Time flies, I will use the term “fruitful” to describe my residential life. “High table dinner”, “Amity Volunteer Team” and my lovely roommates make my residential life perfect. I am proud to be an Amity College resident. Every college has its own theme, like my college “we are passionate and caring, active in organizing in community services and reaching out to different groups of people in need.” After joining the big family of Amity College, I have more opportunities to participate in various community services. All of them are invaluable experience to me. I am very happy to join the “Amity Volunteer Team”. It not only teaches me how to be a servant leader but also gives me a chance to meet my team members. We work together and help each other to overcome the difficulties. I really enjoy every activity that we have organized this year, such as the Organ Donation Awareness Week and the picnic with families in Shek Mun Estate. These activities become my unforgettable memories of my residential life. In Amity College, I can find my goals and I can do what I want. Besides, I learn the skill of how to serve the elderly and children that is beneficial to my future. High table dinner is also a new experience for me. I have never joined this kind of banquet before. We need to wear formal college gown in the dinner and learn the table manners. For every dinner, a guest speaker will be invited to share his or her knowledge and experience in various fields. So every dinner is a lesson, we can share our ideas with professors or residents in a relaxing environment. We enjoy the meal and our wonderful residential life. In the residential college, the most important thing I have learned is to get along with others and become independent. I am really lucky that I have met four kind and funny roommates. After a year, we have built up good relationships. We always hang out or study together even in the holiday like family members. Seize your present moment and open up your future. Amity College is a big family. We welcome all students to join our warm family and make good use of the platform to show off your talent. Hope you can find something interesting in the coming year.

Karen CHOW, resident of Amity College

樂群生活多姿彩 時光飛逝,回顧這一年的書院生活,可以用溫馨美滿來總結,一個個聚會的圓滿落幕,為這年的書院生活錦上添花。 加入樂群書院最幸運的是可以與四位義工隊成員結緣,還記得當初加入的原因是一個美麗的誤會,但其後和四位成員合作,不單學習到如何成為僕人領袖,更留下不少美好回憶。由當初的陌生走到現在的默契,的確不是一朝一夕之事,因此真要感謝當初的留下。 除了義工活動,結識到幾位室友也令書院生活變得多姿多彩,大家朝夕相對,在不知不覺間建立了深厚的感情,四人不時在房內談論「少女心事」,學期完結真是有些依依不捨,雖然有室友要離開,但也期待新的室友加入。 樂群書院最盛大的活動當然是高桌晚宴,晚宴除了可以悉心打扮外,亦成為了老師與學生之間的溝通橋樑,在濃厚的文化氣氛下學習到餐桌禮儀及擴闊眼界,令宿生更能融入樂群這個大家庭。 承上啟下,展望將來,期待新成員的加入把樂群書院的精神傳承下去,亦希望新加入的您可以在書院中找到另一個發光發熱的自己。


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