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Sentimental Grandparent Scheme 2016-17

The Sentimental Grandparent Scheme is organised by The Hong Kong Society for the Aged and sponsored by The S H Ho Foundation, which would be held from January to June 2017. It aims to promote cross-generational harmony and to enhance the awareness of students about living of the elderly. Participants included students from three institutes, which are Hang Seng Management College, The University of Hong Kong and S H Ho College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


The briefing and training session was held on 14 January 2017 at SAGE Madam Ho Sin Hang Home for the Elderly. Students learnt about communication skills through role-play demonstration. They also learnt how to operate the wheelchairs so that they could take the elderly for a walk during their visits. After lunch, superintendent Mr Chun shared the tips on communicating with elderly and taught the students how to compile a “Life Story Book” for their elderly friend. At last, Mr Chun gave a tour of the Elderly Home and the elderly was very excited to welcome the students.


In addition, Residential Colleges Unit invited the Eldpathy to conduct an experiential-learning workshop on 19 January 2017 at G/F Communal Room, Mosaic College. Students were all geared up with the Elderly Simulation Suit and experienced with daily life activities of an elderly, which included reading in blurred, the hand challenge and the treasure hunt. The workshop aimed to develop students’ empathy toward the elderly and get them prepared for their visits at the Elderly Home.


HSMC students met other students from The University of Hong Kong and S H Ho College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong through ice-breaking activity

Role-play demonstration during the communication skills session


Students practiced how to operate the wheelchair with their groupmates

Students shared their learning experience during lunch


Mr Paul Chun gave a tour of the Elderly Home


Group photo