Residential Colleges Student Leaders Scholarships

Residential Student Leaders scholarship Poster

To develop student residents’ leadership and cultivate their sense of commitment to supporting the developments of Residential Colleges (RCs), the Residential Student Leaders Scholarships are now open for application.

Details Remarks
Scholarship amount for each awardeeEither HK$5,000 or HK$10,0001. Normally HK$10,000
2. Should the selected recipient’s commitment be affected by exchange study or internship for one semester of the award year, the amount shall be HK$5,000.
Maximum amount for each RCHK$20,000
  • Be a full-time student, preferably a current resident of the RC or with residential experience;
  • Achieve a GPA of 2.7 or above in the first semester (for year one students), or a CGPA of 2.7 or above by the end of the first semester (for non-year one students);
  • Possess outstanding personal qualities and demonstrate leadership qualities.

Applicants will be evaluated and selected according to demonstrated contributions to the residence community and personal qualities, including but not limited to:

  • active participation in RC events;
  • outstanding contributions to the RC community;
  • good academic results and leadership qualities;
  • possess outstanding personal qualities and demonstrate leadership qualities;
  1. Complete the application form through the Scholarship Management System;
  2. A short English essay in 400 words to illustrate their contributions to the residence community, leadership qualities and plans to enhance the RC and residence community developments; and
  3. A reference letter from the applicant’s RC Fellow, a staff member or any other suitable person.
  4. Students should observe the Guiding Principles for Scholarship/ Award and Financial Assistance Scheme as stipulated by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Committee before submission of application.
  • All the recipients are offered a guaranteed residential place.
  • Payment of the Scholarship shall be made to the recipient in mid-December of the award year.
  • Should the award recipient fail to meet requirements, fail to fulfill the major responsibilities satisfactorily as evaluated by his/her RC Management Team, or violate the Regulations of Residential Colleges/House Rules of Residential Colleges, the RC Master or SAO reserves the right to withdraw the award and the recipient must refund the disbursed scholarship to the University within one month.

The awardees are required to reside in the RC in the award year. Under the direct supervision of the respective RC Management Team, and in collaboration with the Team and other campus partners, the Student Leaders are expected to perform the following responsibilities satisfactorily during the award year:

  1. Community Building & Event Organisation
    • Promote, develop and implement programming relevant to the RC;
    • Initiate, design and organise floor activities;
    • Encourage residents and non-residential members to engage in floor activities and other programmes to build the RC community and promote the overall development of the RC system;
    • Support the RC Management Team and RCU in promoting a safe and harmonious living and learning environment, e.g. safety & health enforcement, facilities & inventory checking, move-in & out and handling emergency.
  2. Training
    • The Student Leaders are required to participate in training and development with other student leaders.
Application Deadline18-Apr-20
SelectionLate April
Results AnnouncementMid-May
Payment of ScholarshipMid-December