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Inter-Residential Colleges Basketball Competition cum The Council Chairman Bowl Prize Presentation


15 April 2018
Inter-Residential Colleges Basketball Competition cum The Council Chairman Bowl Prize Presentation

The Inter-Residential Colleges Basketball Competition, the last game in the Council Chairman Bowl was held successfully on 15 April 2018 at the Sports and Amenities Centre. Four Residential Colleges formed a team of 5 to 15 players with no restriction on the combination of male and female players. Points earned by female players would be counted double.

Both Mosaic College and Amity College sent female players to participate in the game. After rounds of plays from the morning to the afternoon, Wellness College won the championship. Whereas, the first runner-up went to Evergreen College and Mosaic College got the second runner-up. In addition, Choi Ming Hin, resident of Mosaic College, continued to be the best shooter this year scoring 33 points after 4 matches.

The rounds of competitions followed by the presentation to the overall champion of the Council Chairman Bowl. With the generous support from the Council Chairman, Dr. Moses Cheng, the Council Chairman Bowl was instituted since this year awarded for the overall champion of the inter-RC competitions, to foster the inter-RC interactions and sportsmanship.

The Council Chairman Bowl consists of 5 inter-RC competitions: Tug of War, Badminton, 4 x 100 Relay, Dodgeball and Basketball. To enhance the participation of female residents, a certain number of female players was required among most competitions; and the Dodgeball Competition which required relatively less physical skills was also proposed to organize this year in this regard.

Before announcing the result, Dr. Moses Cheng was invited to share his belief and insight towards the importance on participating and organizing inter-residential colleges events. He motivated and encouraged residents to take part in residential life by sharing his own experience when residing in residential college. Student representatives from each Residential Colleges sent a souvenir to Dr. Cheng for the gratitude to his donation and support to the Bowl.

Finally, the overall champion went to Evergreen College with a total of 420 points with 2 championships in inter residential colleges competitions.

Congratulations to all the winners on their achievement and well done to each team players for their contribution!





住宿書院今年度獲校董會成員鄭慕智博士捐贈成立校委會主席碗院際比賽獎,獎座將會頒發予院際比賽總冠軍之住宿書院,以推動住宿書院之間的互動及體育精神。校委會主席碗院際比賽包括五項院際比賽:拔河比賽﹑羽毛球比賽﹑4 x 100接力比賽﹑閃避球比賽及籃球比賽。為提高女宿生之參與,每項比賽都要求各書院派出一定比例的女健兒參賽;同時,今年亦新增對體能要求較少的閃避球比賽。








Student representatives from each RC present souvenirs to Dr. Moses Cheng to express the gratitude and appreciation on his support to the Council Chairman Bowl.


Mosaic College and Amity College were fighting to get the rebound.


Players of Wellness College and Evergreen College were fighting for the champion.


Dr. Ben Cheng, RC Master of Amity College and Dr. Victor Chan, RC Associate Master of Amity College and all Tutors arrived before the first game at the Sports and Amenities Centre to support their basketball team.


Second runner-up: Mosaic College.


First runner-up: Evergreen College.


Champion: Wellness College.


Champion for the Council Chairman Bowl: Evergreen College


Best Shooter: CHOI Ming Hin, resident of Mosaic College
最高「得分王」: 博文書院宿生蔡銘軒同學