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FAQ for new residents

Residential Colleges Application

How to Apply?

Applicants are required to submit the application via eCampus > MyHSMC > Residential Colleges Application on or before the advised application deadline.

What criteria are required for an successful application?

Admission Scoring System:

(a) Home Distance to HSMC (max: 50 pts)
(b) “Participation in Campus Life” (max: 30 pts)
(c) “Outstanding Performance” (max: 15 pts)
(d) “Participation/ Contribution in RC Life” (max: 10 pts)

Applications will be also considered by provided required documents e.g. address proof, medical certificate and other reference information.


What if I miss the application deadline? Can I still apply for RC?

Applications must be submitted before/by the advised application deadline. Late application will not be accepted.

How much is the RC fee?

The Residential College fee is as follows:

Room Type Fee per month Fee a year (9 months) + HK$700
for Residential  life activities
2-bed room HK$1,735 HK$16,315
3-bed room HK$1,575 HK$14,875
4-bed room HK$1,420 HK$13,480

The above Residential College fee are tentative only and subject to review. It is expected that there will be an increase of RC fee for 2018-19 and the confirmed charges shall be announced in due course. The Residential College fee is to be paid on a semester basis and would be charged on a pro-rata basis in case of irregularities.

Is there price difference between different RCs

No, the room rate is determined by room type.

Can I choose a preferred RC/room/roommate?

  • Applicants will be required to indicate their preference of RC and room type when they first submit the application online.
  • Only the successful applicants with offer will be informed and allowed to complete the roommate matching exercise. Roommate request must be in mutual agreement.  If roommate indication cannot be matched from both applicants (three applicants for requesting 3-person room), this roommate preference will not be considered.
  • The preference of applicants will be guarantee as much as possible BUT subject to room availability.

I am residing in Semester One now. What should I do if I wish to stay for Semester Two?

The offer is normally granted on annual-residence basis. If residents wish to withdraw for semester two residence, they are required to submit application 15 November 2018. Once they miss the deadline, they are required to settle the RC fee of semester two.

Can I only apply for the residence of Semester Two but not Semester One?

The application is for the one-year residence. Therefore, the allocation of Semester Two depends on the availability left after Semester One and there is no a open application period for the residence of Semester Two.